Lady in Blue

Photos by Pierre Elma
[Dress : MPT][Heels : Forever 21][Bag : Nessa]

Here we are! This is essentially what I wore to the most romantic wedding I've attended so far. Given the circumstances of having very little options (or ideas, to be honest) of what to wear to a luxurious beach wedding, and by luxurious I mean having the ceremony on top of the mountains at InterContinental Samui's Air Bar, overlooking the majestic ocean that was followed by a reception dinner and a dusk-til-dawn after party at a private beach villa, I did the most cliche thing and decided to dress according to the wedding's theme colours. 

Now, while I don't particularly regret it, let's just say that there were at least three other girls wearing the same shade of blue that I was that we almost looked like a second set of bridesmaids had we sat all together. Ha! Awkward much? You can say that. Fortunately though, no one paid much attention but one lady who swore she almost also wore the same colour but decided otherwise. Good riddance.

Still, my dress look pretty damn well. Doesn't it? I jest.

But serious talk now, there's a fine line between beautiful and exquisite, and this wedding verge on the latter. Upon arrival, you can already feel it wasn't going to be something ordinary. We were greeted by the groom himself along with his groomsmen and the majestic 360° view of greenery and the ocean. Refreshments followed while we waited, and after a few minutes, seating was announced for the well awaited ceremony to begin.

Of course there was some tears, the exchange of vows - intimate, the you-may-kiss-the-bride part, and what not. But after the whole enchilada, that's when you see how crazy people get at a well-to-do party.

We all headed to Villa Kalyana for dinner and the rest of the festivities. Now, a private beach villa all to yourselves for a whole night? Do expect a whole lot of madness. Penguin and I did, and so before we headed down there, we made a stop back to our hotel to leave the camera behind, pick up our swim-wears and a set of clothes to change with... thank goodness we did. Because then after dinner, the whole place turned into Splash Party 2.0

But besides that, here's five things why I think this was a bonafide Thai-inspired island wedding:

1)  There was an elephant present! And I sat on it. For real.
2) We flew lanterns paper lanterns, it looked magical.
3) There were traditional Thai entertainment which included musical performance, illusion, and fire-dance.
4) There were fireworks! I mean real fireworks that showered above our heads like little meteor rocks falling down.
5) The best so far - they commissioned several street vendors to stay within the villa and serve us street food all night long! More nutella-banana roti for me. Ha!

I wish I'm able to give you a visual report on all these but like I said, we left the camera back at the hotel because it was too much of a hassle to leave an SLR lying around while we partied. But I hope you can make a mental picture based on this.

Enjoy the photos and I'll be back with more travel photos! Cheers! 


  1. You look stunning, the blue dress really suits you and the location is amazing. Congrats to the newlyweds, I did not know that you were visiting Thailand.

    Princess Audu

  2. What a gorgeous wedding and you look breathtaking. Gotta dig that shade of blue! And I know what you mean about the looking-like-a-second-bridal-party part; I photographed a wedding this weekend and I dressed in the wedding colors to be polite and try to blend in to the scene -- and ended up looking a bridesmaid who didn't realize the color scheme. XD


  3. You look so stunning!!! Blue is definitely your color =)

  4. Gorgeous style, you look so pretty in this dress, Carla! And what a view! Riding elephants is so much fun - I used to love it while spending some good time in Cambodia with my family over there.

    Rathana xo

  5. I love that second last picture! Wow! You look lovely!

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  6. My word, this wedding sounds magnificent! Soooo lucky you got to attend.
    And yes, that dress looks pretty damn well! No matter if others wore the same shade - you look stunning :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Stunning dress, lady! ♥ And the wedding sounds very nice ♥

  8. your dress is super pretty, I think it was the perfect choice, the electric blue is amazing..
    and that place, seems like heaven!

  9. Wow this wedding looks so fancy! But gorgeous as well :)
    It's always awkward wearing a similar dress as someone else at a wedding. Once a few years ago, my 18-year-old cousin and my grandma wore the EXACT same dress to a family wedding, lol! So at least that didn't happen to you ;)

    Rachel Lately | Austin Style Blog

  10. You made an excellent choice wearing this dress! I hate when someone wears something similar but hey great minds think a like ;)
    Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  11. That is a really cute shade of blue

    Trending In Fashion

  12. Beautiful dress and the place is stunning. I can almost visualize everything that happened but I somehow wish there were photos as well. :)

    Wish & Wear

  13. Royal Blue themed weeding is really trending this year! :0 How can I follow you on GFC?

    Janine |

  14. Beautiful dress and this color is amazing :)

  15. That dress looks absolutely amazing on you - I love the colour and the length. x E

    Elizabeth Victoria Clark

  16. Ahh! Gorgeous (and I'm talking about you and the scenery). How amazing to have attended a wedding as romantic as that? But you look so gorgeous in that dress! The color suits you well!

  17. I so love your dress and all the pictures! You looked gorgeous!


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