Samui Diaries

Photos by Pierre Elma an yours truly

I've preached it once and I'll preach it again, Penguin and I were fortunate enough to have visited Koh Samui for a while to experience the beauty of this island. While we stayed most of the time at Villa Punpreeda in Bophut, making the most out of the amenities and our private pool, we did spare some time to see the famous Bid Budha, stroll along the streets to the other beaches, and watch the sunset while we sip cocktails by the sea at Fisherman's Village. Little bits that make up for a perfect relaxing vacation. While I might not ever go back to this place, here are a few tips I can give you if ever you find yourselves in Samui.

  1. Banana-roti is a must-try, not just in Samui but anywhere in Thailand for that matter. You've never tasted a perfect pancake or crepe unless you've tried a banana-roti.
  2. The island is pretty big and transportation can get expensive in as they don't have metered taxis. If you're travelling in a group and at least one person can drive, better rent a vehicle that you can drive to anywhere. Otherwise, rent a motorcycle, which is what Penguin and I did on our second day so that we could stroll around the island without spending too much on taxis.
  3. On the other hand, if you'd rather take a taxi, do agree on the price with the driver first before getting in on the vehicle. They can be tricky.
  4. Like I said, the island is big so make sure you know where you want to stay and best stay there. Bophut is decent but quiet, which is what Penguin and I wanted exactly. However, if you prefer the night life and clamor of party-goers, better choose to stay in Chaweng or Lamai. Beside having a wide selection of restaurants and bars in both areas, you'll also find most of the watersports in these areas.
  5. Also, not all beaches are accessible for swimming. Again, if you want to swim on the beach, better stay in Chaweng or Lamai.
  6. Taling Ngam is the best place to watch the sunset, at InterContinenal Resort Air Bar in particular.
  7. Best place to take photos, specially at sunset, is the boat dock at Fisherman's Village

Hope you enjoy the photos and tips. Cheers!


  1. nice photos dear.
    seems fun!

    Ms. Kei

  2. Ugh, your banana roti references kill me...
    Lol love these snaps from your vacation. Look at that towel folding too! Skillz.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Your outfits are gorgeous as always! And the places must be cool in real, I wish I can do a visit one day xo
    Have a nice day, pretty ♥

    A Red Crown Girl by ILS

  4. Wow these photos are beautiful! Your trip looked amazing! I'm super jealous of the sights, food, and beaches you got to experience! Lots of great outfits too!


  5. so lovely
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  6. Gorgeous view and gorgeous you! The outfits are truly stunning and convey the brightness of the island. :)


  7. lovely shots !

    Your trip looks like you had lots of fun!


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