[Photos by Chandni C., Post-processed by Matryoshka]

Before I get too caught up in content with the rest of my recent short-haul visit to Samui which photos I have already drafted for your viewing pleasure, allow me to finally, finally, share with you this editorial we did for Shloka Jewels. Something new for me, something different for you. 

I will admit, I have never felt so ladylike in a peach dress more than I have felt so charmed by wearing such dainty things as jewelries. Peach was never my color whereas my mother never trusted me with real gold so in that sense, I've verged into liking statement accessories more than a pair of 18-karat gold earrings and cuffs. Such can be said for someone so carelessly boyish. But then again at some point, I'd trade my sneakers for a pair ballet flats just because. And that is why here I am all princess-like, wearing the prettiest little jewels, and blowing you petals.

That and the fact that the fancy Fleur Collection is simply irresistible, I could not say no.

You can read about what went on behind the scenes here and how much I loved working with Prerna. and also, shout out to Chandni for the photos and Matryoshka for retouching the first image. Enjoy the rest and I hope you like them as much as we enjoyed making 'em.


  1. really pretty.
    love the photos dear.

    Ms. Kei

  2. You look really gorgeous in these pictures! :)

  3. Whoaaa, hello gorgeous!
    Haha, can't blame you for trading in the sneakers to do this shoot. It's just all so...PRETTY.
    That first shot of you blowing petals is stunning <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Hi hun, hope you have been well. You look beautiful! Its been so hectic with work and studies recently so I had to take a break from blogging. I will try to get back to it when I have some free time. Missed reading your posts…Have a great week. You can find me at

  5. Again, you look gorgeous! What a beautiful editorial!


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