Grainy Nights

Photos by Ivan Castillejos and yours truly

[Top : Romwe][Shorts and body chain : Forever21][Jacket : Cotton On][Bag : Steve Madden][Cap : Kenzo]

You know you have it good with your friends when in the midst of your chaotic so-called daily life, you randomly find yourself comfy in the nail salon with your girl pal getting barbie gel nails after language class post work late at night, chomping on gigantic burgers for three consecutive nights on a festival weekend while playing wing-girl for your girl-buds on a cutie-patootie hunt, can't be bothered by the clamor of festival goers despite a migraine and your soles throbbing having worn heels on the job for the whole day, and still find time to don a make-up session with your best gay pal for an impromptu shoot just about anywhere - these little tidbits, never fail to turn my day around.

Consequently, my phone has a backlog of selfies and memory card of grainy images of the said night so it only serves right that I share some with you all for what my make up is worth. But the truth is, besides having an epiphany of how I love my crazy peers, I'm partially, shamelessly plugging Ivan's make up skills. In my biased opinion this aspiring make-up artist has got real talent because clearly I would never be able to make myself nor Ana look this good in a too-cool-for-school kind of way. Capiche? He's that good-looking fella by the way, in case you're all wondering.

As it is.

Here's a very grainy visual recap of the said shoot. To more spontaneous nights!


  1. LOL I always appreciate a backlog. It means you have something for a rainy day AND it means you've been enjoying life! Good for you! Love this edgy look!

  2. Good job taking pictures with your phone c:
    You look great! Same goes to your buddies!

  3. Great look.:))
    AND Giveaway on my blog->

  4. Yup, you are rocking that red lip - Ivan made a good choice with that color!
    Good to see you've gotten some down time with friends :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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