Jordan and West

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Blazer : H&M][Tee - Forever 21][Skort - Romwe][Sneakers : Jordan]

A quickie outfit post wearing just about the freshest face and shoes (because I'm too exhausted to write more than I want to so bear with me). 

While I may not a fan of basketball - jerseys, sweats, and all that clamor, nor do I give a damn at all about Kanye's notorious music if it were only "uh-huh honey" that was ever recorded, when it comes to streewear, I am ironically a sucker for Jordan sneakers and Kanye West's classy with a twist of freshness street style. But who isn't? I bet you more than half the people who wear shizzle agree with me. And here I am wearing them both in one outfit - can't get any cooler than that can it?

Leave Mr. Jordan and Mr. West your thoughts below. Goodnight for now!


  1. Great look, that top is just awesome :D ♥

  2. I love thiw whole look so much! Simple but definitely with an edge!


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