Odd layers, bad hair days

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Skirt : Cotton On][Shoes : Pull & Bear][Top - Romwe][Tee : Local store][Bag : Nessa]

A manic week later, i'm finally able to come up with an almost decent outfit post. Almost, except for the fact that I'm looking as haggard as ever bare face and practically sleep deprived. This job is taking it's toll on me - not that I'm complaining, no. Let's just say it doesn't leave me room for anything else at the moment. Working the nine-to-five routine doesn't quite favor the blog because I'm never able to catch the sun still up to shoot. And so I have to wait on the weekends. Blah. Having a full time job and running a blog is definitely an insanely challenging task to manage. But I'm not giving up so don't fret. Ya'll just have to bear with me and my rants once in a while. And for that I'm apologizing in advanced.

But... in a lighter note, I've figured out how to wear crop tops when the cold season kicks in. Et viola! Penguin thinks this layering is a little odd and disproportionate but I took it as a compliment. For once I felt comfortable getting out of my comfort zone and realized there are plenty of different ways to wear a crop top besides wearing them as a crop top and so I did. Odd can sometimes be good, innit? Besides, I've seen the likes of Andy Torres and Micah Giannneli wear crop tops over shirts and whatnot so why the heck can I not?


  1. What a great idea of wearing vrop tops during the colder days :) Love it ♥
    The skirt is amazing.
    Have a nice day ♥

  2. Great look!


  3. Such a great outfit and I'm in LOVE with your hair! It suits you well!

  4. Eh men often don't "get" style--I know my husband doesn't some times. I love this combo though! Congrats on the new job!

  5. It does look a bit odd at first, but the more I saw of the photos, the more I liked it!
    Haha, so you made it work, which is awesome. Way to get our of your comfort zone :)
    And ugh, sorry about the new workload. But it'll all be worth it, right?

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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