Photos by Pierre Elma

[Sweater : Local Store, HK][Boots : Pink and Pepper][Skirt : Pull and Bear][Clutch : MCM]

All it takes is a few material things, gifts and goodies, good talks in the company of colleagues, and plans for the month-end to get me suddenly pumped up and motivated yet again. Suddenly I don't feel like complaining, despite the fact that after a random purchase of a macbook I'm broke, or that I have to sleep merely 6 hours in a day because of work and things I have to do for work even outside of work (get it?), I mean, I don't know, I guess November is being good to me this year - too good if I might add. And hopefully bound to get even better.

On the same happy note, I'm extremely excited to share with you all select pieces from the Pink and Pepper Fall '14 collection - this Pearl boots being first on the list. If you have been stalking me on Instagram, you'd know that I was gushing over the pairs that they sent me to style, which came exactly on the day of my birthday. Perfect timing much? You can say that. Also because it has started to get chilly after then, so... boots out!

This was what i wore on a casual Sunday, to mass and to walk around town with Penguin. I'd thought of wearing all nude with just the blush pinks and oranges on my skirt for colour but on second thought, going all nude isn't really my thing so I opted for the black sweater instead. More me, and ultimately what I'm more comfortable with. 

Thoughts? Let me know below. 

Have a blissful week ya'll!


  1. Looking super cute, hun, and your bag is amazing!!! x


  2. lovee this

  3. love the pattern on ur skirt

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  4. I love your top! It's minimalist, but the subtle details really makes it a great piece! I'm going to try and find a similar one <3

  5. Haha, I hear ya! Some days I think: "Hmmm, maybe I should try and lighten up on the black today..." and then I realize what a terrible idea that is ;) Black is here to stay!
    Anyway, love the black sweater with the leather paneling. That skirt is the perfect addition of color

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. Great top!



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