City Cowgirl

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Topshop][Shirt : Bershka][Skinny : Cotton On][Boots : H&M][Hat : Forever 21]

Gone are the days of sweat and midriff bearing frenzy, December has come and established itself as a cold bitch that bites. As if it isn't completely normal for Macau to skip Fall entirely and jump straight to freezing wonderland, my body is thrown out of line. Suddenly I'm digging into boxes of winter clothes for jackets and such while nursing a runny nose. So much for preparation. 

Bundle up folks, this might be the last time you see me in a cropped, almost too sheer to function tee. i'm all covered up so to speak, from now until the year ends, at least.

But I digress, this outfit was essentially what I wore on an overcast third day of Clockenflap Festival in Hong Kong last weekend which, in truth, Penguin and I decided to ditch for a run around our usual shopping spots in the city. Another denim on denim action that had gathered more than a few onlookers. Apparently denim combos and hats speak volumes to people around here, from street snappers to underage festival goers whom Penguin and I overheard talking of de-hatting me. For real? For real.

In any case, I managed to roam around in these as thick my face as my belly was. But I will say this once and for all, I'm glad to be wrapping myself around in layers for now as I join the no shape December bandwagon. Ready for the holiday festivities yet?


  1. love this!! hip, chic and well put together!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. No shape December bandwagon...hehe, I live on that wagon.
    Ahhh, loving this outfit Carla. I can't wait till I get my own high waisted jeans! This is definitely a look I'd probably copy piece for piece.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. I really love the outfit. The hat suits you very well.Love the denim shirt.
    Have a nice day ♥

  4. You look great! Love this cute cowboy look


  5. Stunning cowgirl look! i love your crop top and the shoes! awesome!

  6. Eep, it's crazy it's already December and getting so cold! You look so cute here, and I think the hat really makes the look :)


  7. No shape December? I'm with you! Haha. Anyway, I love the combo of your outfit :) Cute hat!

    Have a great day, Carla! :)


  8. Lovely outfit, totally loving high waisted pants!

    Maybe following each other? :)


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