New Light

Photos by John Gabriel

[Shoes : Topshop][Shirt : Bershka][Jacket : Friendly][Skinny : MPT][Bag : Charles and Keith]

I will say so on behalf of 2014 that it has been one hell of a ride full of ups and downs, wrong turns and rights. For the most part, I think I was able to tick so much of my wish list from travelling to my favorite summer destinations, cliff diving in the magic islands and parasailing across the beaches of Boracay, strolling along the islands of Samui, to attending fashion shows and watching VIP style at the front row and getting snapped by street style photographers while walking around the city oh so absent-mindedly. Fashion and leisure-wise, it has been an amazing year. But beyond these shallow little things, I can say that I've grown so much this year in ways I never imagined. Trust me, taking a leap of faith career-wise without any clue of what you're in for, rekindling old friendships that you thought had no chance of ever happening, and being given responsibilities triple of what you ought to have yet fulfilling them nonetheless without realizing you're actually capable definitely moulds you into a new person and bring out a personality in you that you never knew existed. That, and hundreds of snapshots pretty much sums up my twenty fourteen.

Now here's to moving forward.

From how things are looking this point on, 2015 holds so much promise. Except for the part that we'll all turn another year older I'm actually, truly excited. This is the part where I plan yet ahead again - which new places to explore, what goals to achieve... I mean, I've yet written my resolutions but I already have a mental list of what I expect for 2015. And if all works out well, it's going to be even more amazing. Here's to optimism!

Hope you're all looking to a positive 2015. Good luck and Happy New Year to you all! 



  1. Best to you in the New Year. I think that we grow every year--even if we don't realize it. Good for you for realizing all the good that came out of your year! Sounds like you did some amazing stuff!

  2. The photos are amazing!!! very cool pictures

    New look on Le Blog : ' COLOR POP '
    Happy Holidays,

    Greets Jon

  3. It certainly sounds like a marvelous year for you Carla! Cheers to an even better and brighter year in 2015 :)
    Love this black and white outfit (my favorite colors haha) and stunning lighting!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Love the pictures and your outfit <3 Amazing style!
    And this bag is gorgeous! I´m jealous :D
    Have a great start into 2015!

  5. Gorgeous! Such a great look and the photos are amazing! Have a happy new year! :) x


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