Stripping myself off of the festival look (dubbed city cowgirl) and a gelado later, we vaguely come to the topic of the otherworldly universe of Prada. 

Indeed, Pradasphere happened.

Nestled right on top of Central Ferry Pier 4, this much talked about exhibition is nothing short of creative amusement. Upon entering, Penguin and I were greeted by multiple displays of Prada's iconic creations that were curated from its collections of over the last 3 decades. Among which are head-to-toe looks, an extensive array of shoes, bags, and rare objects that truly represent exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetic of the fashion house. I was particularly mesmerised by the shoe collection in that I have a newfound love for the label's eccentric designs, and the flapper dresses used in The Great Gatsby.

But besides the obvious, the exhibition explores Prada's forays into art, film, and architecture, featuring films and architectural projects created in collaboration with various collaborators. Our 45 minute look around was, I should say, a truly immersive experience.

Penguin tried to capture the best of it all for your viewing pleasure which I think are very much justified, and I hope served their purpose. So I leave you all to it. 

Happy weekend!


  1. Wowie! This Prada exhibition looks amazing!
    What a detail and color use! You look great as
    well c: Xx

  2. Wow it looks sooooo cool! The pictures are great and you look stuning in that outfit, it's simple and stylish :)

  3. What a lovely exhibition. I think it is great to marvel at the artistry behind a designer like Prada and enjoy it for what it is without needing to purchase or give into status symbols.

    rae of love from berlin

  4. Wow!!! This looks amazing!! The shoes are absolutely STUNNING <3


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