IT F/W'15 @ HKFW

Leave Moiselle and Shanghai Tang out of the picture, I have only been particularly interested in the I.T. fashion show at Hong Kong Fashion Week this year. For someone who's very much into high street fashion, this is the ultimate event to attend. It's like a street style haven which you'll realize once you set foot on the Grand Foyer of HKCEC as you make your way amongst the fashionable bunch of show-goers. Towering platform heels, leathers, oversize coats, brim hats, and whatnot, it's a fashion subset so eminent you can only choose to immerse yourself in.

The show in itself, presenting collections from four of its major brands - 5cm, Izzue, Mini Cream, and Musium Div., was congenial (though frankly speaking I did not get the idea behind the finale where duct tapes were involved). But not taking into account how they were presented, my personal favourite had to be Izzue, which featured layered looks upon layered looks of black and white garbs. From mesh tops, white denims, to billowy dresses, I can't say I've never been more obsessed in a collection that this.

I had a better angle at taking these photos from where I was sitting at the front row for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy my brief report and have a great weekend!


  1. I love your skirt!

    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  2. Nice post, I love your outfit, you look amazing :)

  3. Wow really love your outfit for fashion show, esp your camel coat! Cool!

  4. i loveeeee your outfit! your skirt is super cute :D

  5. Love the oversized coat you're wearing! And great collection here. Love the white outfits.

    Jessica |


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