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Here's something I've been meaning to share with you all, a project that Penguin, Ivan, and I worked on recently. Ivan got to talking with Jelaine for a pre-natal photoshoot and had discussed the possibility of us working together as her production team to execute the plan. What she wanted for concept was ethereal, the type of photographs that Penguin and I had always wanted to try shoot for, for one of my outfit posts but somehow never managed to arrange. So we agreed. Two days later I'm rummaging through the racks of dresses at my mom's boutique to style Jelaine with, as Penguin scouted for locations and Ivan did what he does best. By struck of luck the sun was out that day and most importantly we managed to catch the golden hour to capture just the right amount of light to achieve that dreamy effect. Et voila, the product of one Monday's collaborative effort.

I gathered my favourite shots from the 2 photo sets for your viewing pleasure which I hope you do enjoy as much as I do. Any thought? Leave them down below!

Photos by Pierre Elma
Post-Process and Styling by yours Truly
Hair and Make-Up by Ivan Castillejos


  1. Awe what a beautiful project. I do enjoy as much as you did. Thanks for sharing your beautiful project it must have been fun during the photo shoot :). Beautiful mama to be:).

    Ox Tanya

  2. Jelaine looks absolutely beautiful! You guys did such an amazing job getting these photos - I'm certain she loves them :)

    \ The Dragonfruit Diaries
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  3. such a great shoot!

    xx, Monique

  4. Wow! Great project and awesome pictures! You look stunning!!

    ♘ ♘


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