Noir et Blanc

Photos by John Gabriel

[Skirt : Front Row Shop][Vest : Zara][Boots : Forever 21][Bag : Charles & Keith][Top : MPT]

Stepping up my black and white game in this leather Zara vest which I acquired from the men's section, a tweed skirt, and over the-knee boots. This so much represents my current uniform as I have somehow managed to detach myself from multi-colored garbs. From what I gathered so far and in the hardest way, it's best to invest only in basic palettes. Not only can you wear them multiply times, they make mixing and matching so much easier. 

And so they do.

On a totally, completely unrelated note, I'm pleased to announce that I will be hosting a shopping event at the Jack Wills' store at the Venetian Macau to celebrate it's collaboration with Richard Nicolls this Spring! It will be held on the 7th of February from 3-6PM so if you're around Macau on that day, do stop by! More details will be posted soon so do stay tuned!


  1. that skirt looks amazing xx

  2. Right?? It's taken some tough lessons, but I've decided black and white (and splashes of maroon) are colors to stick with. I've applied to my closet, and making outfits is SO much easier now!
    Anyway, your black and white game is on point here (or as the kids say, "on fleek!") Haha love the white leather vest, it's perfect <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. The skirt is amazing :) Great outfit :)

  4. The look is so chic and the location is spot on!

    xo Elena.

  5. You did black and white so well m'dear!

  6. Dang, I need to hit up the Zara men's section ASAP cause this vest is awesome. Love how you styled it as well :) You really can't go wrong with black and white.


  7. such a stunning look! i love that skirt! you look so amazing :D

  8. I'm totally loving this outfit, looks super chic! and that vest <3


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