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Photos by John Gabriel

[Shoes : Pink & Pepper][Bag : Nessa][Everything else : Pull & Bear]

As a matter of quick report, here's a typical outfit you'll see me in on a day to day basis when in work mode. There's a fine line between the way I dress up for the office and for the rest of the day so for those of you who's been stalking this corner of the cyber world might be a little surprised to find out that in fact I wear more lapelled suits than bomber jackets on average. But I keep my professional job affairs as far-flung from this blog as possible because I'm really not the corporate type and neither is my style... and I'd like to keep it that way. So I thought we'll just take a little sneak peek as to what I wear once in a while and leave it at that.

Oh and... this is becoming a little embarrassingly annoying for an unconscious habit but I seem to keep dressing up head to toe in one label. With the exceptions of shoes and bags, I was a walking Forever 21 mannequin in this previous post and then I'm a Pull & Bear still in this. This should really stop. I mean, is that bad thing? 

Let me hear your thoughts.


  1. It's not a bad thing at all,I think it just means you should get some kind of recognition from either Forever 21 or Pull & Bear. The coat is everything, leather and leopard print, what more could you ask for.

  2. I did that with Target goods the other day, but if it works, it works--right? I love love LOVE this outfit. The red and leopard are always a killer combo!

  3. I do that too but for me it's normally Primark, forever bargain hunter. Love that leopard jacket and it looks great with that deep red

  4. This outfit is perfect! I always just love your style, Carla! I think one of my favorite combos is maroon and leopard print. And haha it's funny to think how different your personal style and work style can be. But I can totally see your rocking both :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  5. Even your work look is awesome! Love the leopard mixed media jacket on top. It really completes this whole outfit :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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