Bare Minimum

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Shoes : Zara][Bag : Steve Madden][Beanie : Terranova][Skinny : H&M][Top and Jacket : Forever 21][Necklace : Onecklace]

Lace has always seemed so alluring to me, the fact that it's sheer and so delicate. While I don't consider myself having any sensual appeal, I like to think that I can at least pull off wearing something as sexy as a barely-there lace tank in my own way, which, considering its lingerie appeal can be very much considered underwear. Admittedly, I hadn't thought of buying this top, not at first glance anyway. But after browsing every rack at Forever 21, for some reason I kept coming back to where this was hanged. Convinced that maybe I really do like it, went ahead and purchased. Well, what do you think - yay or nay? Let me know your thoughts.

On an unrelated note, hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. You look so different..I have to remind myself everytime, yes she is the same Carla :)

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  2. That lace top is beautiful! The color is so sexy! :)

    Lime & Life

  3. Why don't you consider yourself sensual? I don't too, so I'm curious! :D I found that when you start wearing sensual things you start feeling sensual, don't know if this makes any sense :D
    I love this lace top, but what I love more is that you wore it with a beanie, brilliant!

  4. Your color coordination is on point! Love this edgy look.

  5. Very pretty!

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