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I'm not at all a nutritionist, nor have I ever been obsessed with being healthy for that matter. However, certain circumstances as I grew older have made me realize the importance of intaking proper nutrients for our body and keeping it well-rounded. That being, last year, I took it upon myself work out regularly and maintain a balanced diet, and believe it or not, I was successful for a month or so. But then came the long joyful days of being unemployed and some days spent travelling, I fell off track. Soon I was back to eating fast food and lazing on the couch. And then I found a job which pretty much drains me of all energy and occupies most of my waking ours, making me completely forget about what I've started. 

But that's not to say all hope is lost. I've recently done some fit tests, brought out my workout gears, and finally managed to buy my usual healthy goodie stash for starting over.

The concept of detoxification with juicing was introduced to me at a perfect timing. I fell in love with the idea of giving my digestive system a reboot and flushing out all toxins from my body in a "yummy" way, and I thought it's best to be able to cleanse my inner body for an absolute fresh start at a healthy lifestyle. So with that, I have partnered with Greens Kitchen & Juicery for a 3-Day detoxification process - it's a process whereby I will only drink 8 different kinds of juices for three days, which sounds a little scary so hear me out.

The truth is, detoxification can be done in various durations. Greens offer a duration ranging from 1 day to 10 days, where longer days allow you to eat meals for several times. I personally chose the 3-Day process because... well, I'm cool like that. Ha! 

But jokes aside. The reason I chose the 3-Day process is because I want to be able to grasp the full benefit of juicing and be able to tell the difference from when I started and the end result. Also, I will be documenting this over at instagram (@misscarlaviolet) where I'll be sharing with you the different juices and flavors I'm having at a particular moment. If you want to be a part of it, follow along. And also, don't forget to check out @greensmacau for more information on their healthy products!

Let's bring this on!


  1. Cooool! Sounds awesome, although a bit scary, if I don't eat proper meals I usually faint :-D Keep us posted on this, can't wait to hear the end result!

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  3. Oooh, you'll have to let us know how this juicing goes for you! I'm curious to hear about it

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Recommendations, please :)


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