Messy hair don't care

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Skirt : Zara][Vest : Monki][Shirt : Jack Wills][Shoes : Stradivarius]

Hey ya'll! Just a quick note on this one. Penguin and I have been playing around with his Fujifilm XE-1 to test its full functionality with different environments. Based on these shots, I presume to believe that I'm still a pro-SLR when it comes to shooting outfits. Nonetheless, I think the XE-1 is one of the best compact camera's I've come across so far. It captures incredibly sharp images compared to most others and is an acceptable alternative to my old Nikon D60 for when capturing portraits. It's light too, so my best bet is that this will come in handy for when we travel.

These were taken a few days ago, post-lunch, on the way back to work. I'm quite off my game lately, a little uninspired dressing up and work-wise so forgive my ever haggard looking face and even extremely unkempt hair. Let's just say that there's a lot on my plate and the least I want is to do is actually deal with them. Can I just stop transitioning to an adult for a minute? Ugh.

Anyway, on a more cheerful note, I'm extremely pleased to announce 2 good news!

First of all, I've partnered with I'm In Marketer to get you the best shopping deals you can possibly find online, ready and available for you all to grab in just a click of a button! Go check out the new section on my tabs called "Special Deals" to see!

Secondly, pleased to announce that a Little Miss Violet App is now available for download on Android phones! I'm truly excited because this app is more than just a replication of this blog. Besides being able to track my posts and updates on the go, users will get exclusive access to some of the app features too! I've plenty of plans in utilising this tool as a way to directly connect with each and everyone of you so I hope that you'll download the app right now. 

Head on to Google App Store on click on this link to download now!



  1. On the contrary--I think you look great! I love the color and this outfit is really cute.

  2. nice look, pretty skirt

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  3. I'm a follower of your blog for a long time now.. And I must say, You killed it... The outfit is perfection.. I love the skirt somuch... keep it up..


    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  4. Woooho, congrats on the app, and definitely going to check out those special deals, yummy! :D Also, you call that messy hair??? Sheesh! Absolutely understand your frustration with adulthood, it sucks :D Hope the weekend treats you with a well deserved relaxation!
    Absolutely adore this skirt an awesome shoes, soooo gorgeous!


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