Turistas do dia

Very much delayed but nonetheless here's a very grainy recap of the bloggers' tour organized by the Macau Government Tourism Office. At dinner to be exact as I hadn't been able to take photos during the day when we walked around.

For the purpose of this tour, we had to show Macau from our perspective to a selected blogger. I had Lauren from The Transatlantic as my partner in crime do dia and I took her to some of my favourite places like how the locals would - by walking. Started off at Soi Hang Mei, a street lined with local boutiques that I used to shop at in my teenage years, all the way 'til we reached the Ruins of St. Paul. As a local, I never liked going there because it is always packed with people. However Lauren wanted to buy some almond biscuits (which, if you must know, is one of the most popular tourist food items in Macau) among other things to take home with her so we had to pass by the area. Then we went to check out the collections at Lines Lab, Macau's local designers' hub, the Albergue square, and walked all the way to the Three Lamp post at Red Market. I have to admit, it was a bit tiring. But having Lauren who's just so energetic and outgoing for company, I couldn't complain. I hope she had as much fun as I did (if you're reading this doll, I hope I didn't bore you).

Then after, we met up with the other bloggers and were treated to a lovely Portuguese dinner at Antonio (which, by the way if you ever come to Macau is a must-try because it is one of, if not, the best Portuguese restaurant in the city). Chef Antonio was there himself to host us and prepare our dessert, while we were serenaded with mellifluous music by the sweetest Afonso and Vania. 

Pretty much a day very well spent.


  1. This sounds like such a wonderful collaboration! I always love seeing the opportunities you get as a blogger Carla - it inspires me to up my blogging game! Haha, I'm certain you were a great tour guide :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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