Menswear Theory

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Forever 21][Trousers : Bershka][Sunnies : Sunnies Studios][Hat : H&M][Bag : Steve Madden][Shoes : Velvet, Zalora]

I've always felt inclined to wear menswear-inspired pieces. There's something about them that's always been flattering to my body type and I've never felt more liberated in moving about in anything that generally fits oversize than with any sort of sexy, body-hugging, feminine articles. I've been living in trousers the past days. Despite how heat-unfriendly they are, they've quite become my go-to item for quick meet ups and run around town. Interestingly contrasting them with midriffs and shoulder bearing tops for a good balancing act, that way I still get to say I'm properly dressed for the season.

It's only natural then that I would opt for comfortable loafers. This pair from Zalora is a keeper - they pretty much go with everything in my closet from shorts to dresses, that I'm on the hunt for something similar to sub before these become evidently used and abused.

As for a quick update on life lately, it's back to work again on Monday. I'm not sure I'm ready to take up on new challenges work-wise just yet but whatever goes, right? Wish me luck, lambs. 



  1. Wishing you all the luck in the world, you'll kick ass, just keep a careless attitude and everything falls into place eventually! :D
    I love menswear as well, it's absolutely awesome when it comes to comfort and most menswear has pockets, yaaay!
    Love the outfit here, these loafers are fierce!

  2. Great look! Love the top! :)

  3. Lookin' so chic in this means wear.
    So cooL!

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  4. You got this Carla! Good luck with the work week.
    Love the menswear inspired pants you're rocking. The well fit crop top, wide brim hat, and loafers all work together to create a cohesive look. Thanks for more inspiration girl!

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  5. I like menswear and this look is certainly on point.It's amazing and I'd actually wear this confidently too.You look amazing


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