Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : GV2][Skirt : Local Store, HK][Boots : Kurt Geiger][Bag : Michael Kors][Sunnies : Sunnies by Charlie]

I'm finding myself more and more drawn to monotonous color palettes the older I get. I don't know about you but there's something about classic blacks and whites or neutrals, mixed with just the right amount of colors that can never go wrong nor out of style. Perhaps because of their simplicity.

Part of the reason why I'm cleaning out my closet, letting go of some of my most colorful pieces, as sort of a reboot, is because I want to keep things simple and neat from here on. I want some sort of organization and consistency in what I wear so I'm keeping only the most versatile, earthly tones, and everything else black, white, grey. As far as colors are concerned, it is easier to dress up everyday regardless of cuts and shapes. I mean, I'm all  for making life easier and if that's the case, why complicate the uncomplicated?


  1. I'm really loving that Skirt , you look pretty . Lovely pictures


  2. Really pretty outfit :)


  3. This top is all party in the back and I'm loving it. I'm also cleaning out my closet and sticking with the basics, but having some pops of color never hurt anybody :)



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