Photos by Pierre Elma

[Culottes : Anna Rose][Skirt/Top: Bershka][Flats : Forever 21][Hat : H&M][Purse : Nessa]

Well somebody managed to find summer-appropriate pieces after all. But don't be fooled, this outfit isn't fail-proof nor it is what it seem to be. For one, I had to eat with a pillow on my lap just to avoid getting food on my clothes because I tend to be very good at that. And two, this is actually a skirt worn as a top. Sneaky, right? But it worked. Anyway, I found this perfect pair of culottes at one of my favorite local stores a week ago and just couldn't wait to wear it out for a casual stroll. My tita doesn't think they could be worn casually nor without heels but I begged to differ. So to prove my point, I downplayed it with my flattest flats and minimal accessories. Et voila! What do you think, hit or miss?

On another note, Happy Fathers' day to all Dad's out there. Got any plans with your old man tonight? The fambam is doing a movie night which, speaking of, I'm almost late for so I have to leave you. But I hope you have an awesome one. Cheers!


  1. your white look is so pretty!

  2. Great outfit! Love your little tattoo on the shoulder :)

    I'm following you on Pinterest :)


  3. It's a hit! A hit!! <3
    Haha, and what? That's a skirt!? You are a style genius, girl. I'm tempted to go through my closet and see what skirts would work as a top now... ;)

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  4. You look beautiful in white. This look is so fresh and clean.


  5. I had no idea the top was a skirt! I love the look on your insta and love it even more after seeing more photos :) I always manage to spill food on my clothes... its a tragedy


  6. Haha, awesome idea with the skirt worn as a top, really didn't even thought that was a skirt, looks so awesome! This is my favorite ensemble from you, it suits you so much, white is definitely your thing!
    And love the new color, radical as always!


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