Modern Rockabilly

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Skirt : H&M][Top : Anna Rose][Flats : Something Borrowed,  Zalora][Earrings : Topps Collection]

Channelling 50s pin-up girls' style in this gingham off shoulder top and kaleidoscopic skirt. I contemplated on wearing the bandana as a headpiece but my hair is still too short to style with. So instead I decided to wear it around my neck. Been seeing top bloggers and models off-duty wear bandanas in so many ways on the streets lately that I felt it's about time I joined the bandwagon. Well, re-join technically. I used to be such a huge fan of bandanas back in my middle school years that I had them in almost every colour until I got bored of them. Now I see their gradual come back is a trend to look forward to.

Also took this time to finally wear the prettiest pair of earrings that I've ever owned from Topps Collection. I'm honestly not an earrings person, but I couldn't say no to this pair when I saw it from their Instagram. Their so dainty. I think every girl needs to own at least one pair of dainty earrings as certain occasions call for it. Then slipped on comfy black flats to complete the look and voila, good to go. This was what I wore for a quick runaround with Penguin and then to dinner. Pretty but effortless - my kind of style.


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2015

    Lovely outfit!! Your photography is amazing (:
    Nati xx

  2. I love this! Such a unique take and the touch with the bandanna is too cool!


  3. Love your unique style! :)

  4. How do you make everything look so good? I love the rockabilly style and you've managed to take it too a whole other level by modernizing it and looking pretty darn good doing so!

    ❤ Charms | à la Charms

  5. love it...
    kisses from dubai ♥

  6. your skirt, so pretty! and i really love your earrings!



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