Part Gypsy

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Anna Rose - similar here][Shorts and flats: Forever 21][Hat : People are people][Necklace : Topps Collection][Sunnies : Sunnies Studios]

I used to go swimming and to the beach quite often when I was a lot younger but for some reason it stopped. Probably because again of time constraints that I'd rather just stay at home or chill out at Penguin's crib on weekends. I'm always feeling a bit drained that I just want to regain my energy whenever I'm off work by lazing out, watching movies, and whatnot. It's dull, I know, which is why I'm really thankful to have spent last weekend at the beach. Penguin's cousins decided to go for a barbecue. Usually I spend Sundays with my family. But the weather was too good to let the opportunity for fun day under sun pass, and so I went.  I know Macau's beach is not the nicest, but who am I to complain when I am already missing out on travelling this summer right?

Coming from mass in the morning and straight to the beach, I didn't bother to change most of my outfit. Just changed from skirt into shorts, dropped the heels and opted for flats, and kept the rest. Though honestly I think I would have changed my outfit entirely had it not have been for this gorgeous necklace from Topps Collection. It went so well with my off-shoulder, ruffled top and dreamcatcher tattoo that it made me feel part gypsy as I prance around. Made the whole outfit look well put together. 

Anyway, what did you do over the weekend? Would love to hear some fun stories.



  1. Love the off-shoulder top! You look amazing :)

  2. Man, if I could get away to the beach whenever I wanted, I'd never
    Love this off shoulder, ruffly top! It's a stunner. As is that necklace. Great closeup shots!

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