Dinner at The Ritz-Carlton Cafe Macau

Photos by Yours Truly

I just had one of the most amazing dinners of my life, thanks to my good friend Eurica for inviting Chezka and I to dine at the Ritz-Carlton Cafe, a French brasserie at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. It was so lavish and exquisite that I felt like a pampered little spoiled kid. To be honest, I didn't always enjoy fine-dining. Partly because they are, well, expensive; and partly because I have a really big appetite that fine dining servings can't fully satisfy. Exactly how French restaurants are and how French cuisines are. But this night had me feeling otherwise on both accounts.

I won't lie, given that the Ritz-Carlton is an internationally recognised hotel brand, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Ritz-Carlton Cafe is pricy. But what did surprise me was how passionate the staff are; really attentive, friendly, and at the same time professional. They engage in conversations, inquiring and entertaining just to make sure you're having a great time. It's my first time in Macau to ever experience being waited on by courteous and polite waitstaffs who treat you more than just a customer. For whatever the price is worth, the service is definitely accounted for.

Then there's the food, oh so scrumptious. Chezka and I had the four course dinner set menu and opted for one and the other to share; La Bisque - lobster bisque, and Le Saumon Fume - Smoked salmon for entree; Les Saint Jacques - scallops and caviar, and Le Bar - Seabass, seafood riso, and saffron sauce for seafood; Filet De Boeuf A La Truffe - Beef tenderloin, and Le Bourguignon - Traditional beef stew for main course; and La Creme Brulee and apple tart for dessert. I don't know if it was the long waiting time for each dish to be served (because they really take their time in preparing every single dish like art, which I appreciate and have respect for), that made me less hungry, or if it was the fact that they were all so flavourful that my taste buds were completely sated. Didn't dare complain on the portions.

We paired dinner with a glass of white wine, and then had additional dessert in the form of Crepe Suzette. You know, this dessert will always have a place in my heart as it will always remind me of my freshman year as a tourism student in college; weekly practicums at the institute restaurant, trying to perfect a version of the steak tartare and this special crepe. So when I told our gueridon server, Hanny, where and how I had first tried Crepe Suzette, we immediately had something to talk about. 

I can't stress any further how much I really enjoyed this experience but I hope these images suffice for your viewing pleasure. And of course if you get the chance, I recommend a little visit to the Ritz Carlton Cafe. For more information, visit their official website

Special thanks, again to Eurica, and to our waitstaffs Fiona and Hanny.



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