Close the Loop

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Jacket : H&M Close the Loop Collection][Skirt : Romwe][Boots : Venilla Suite][Top : Anna Rose][Sunnies : Shanghai Tang]

A lot of you might agree that there's a growing phenomenon in fashion where its impact to the environment is harmful. The amount of resources consumed to process and produce garments, and the pollution that comes out of that process intensifies as our demand for throw-away fashion increases  every single day. There's already a gap between the supply and demand of natural resources in different parts of the world that the consumption made by the apparel industry shouldn't make it any worse.

The idea behind sustainable fashion is not something new. But the question of are we aware and supporting the movement to create a better future for fashion is still hanging. As fashion inclined individuals I believe that we can help out in our own little ways.

In 2013 H&M launched a Garment Collecting Initiative which allows customers to participate in the sustainable fashion movement by donating unwanted garments to its stores. The garments are then recycled and processed as raw materials to create new ones, thus creating a closed loop for its textiles.

This month, H&M introduced a 16-piece denim collection produced as a result of its garment collecting initiative. The collection includes distressed denims and dungarees for women, zip-up jackets and joggers for men, and hoodies and stretched jeans for kids. To show my support, here I am sporting one the pieces - this black denim jacket with fleece on the inner. Perfectly brand new that no one would imagine it's made out of recycled cotton.

Go check out the collection here and if you'd like to participate in the garment collecting initiative, more information can be found here.

Let's all be sustainable fashion conscious!


  1. I am so in love with this outfit. The skirt is just amazing!!

  2. I love that plaid top, it's really beautiful! And it goes perfectly with that jacket, I really like the oufit ^^
    Have a nice day lovely xx

  3. I want your top! It lt looks perfect. Great blog you have, stay inspired!


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    1. Thank you, my readers and comments definitely keep me inspired! Thanks for being one of them!

  4. Oooh, I took a class here at university that raised this awareness, along with the impact we are making on factory workers who are slaving over making our clothes. It's really sad to look into the history of where our clothes come from...that Bangladesh factory collapse was huge but we're already starting to forget.
    I'm still guilty of buying brands that aren't 100% ethical, but I'm trying to when I can!
    Great post Carla :)

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    1. Agree, we should all try to when we can! save the future of fashion!
      Thanks, Linda!

  5. stunning look! I like the skirt!! x


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