Night Lights

Apologies for my sporadic updates, I'm a bit lost with my post schedule what with this crazy week we're having at work. It's a bit frustrating because I have so much content to share with you all but haven't got time to sort them out and get the regular posts going. Anyway no time and point complaining so here we are.

Penguin's taken a keen interest in street and night photography (which you might have seen some of our earlier trials from our visit to the Great European Carnival) and has got me thinking of new ideas on how to incorporate my typical outfit photos. This idea came up when I saw one of his Instagram photos taken under this newly constructed bridge right by the Venetian. I knew instantly I've to take one on the same spot but with me on the centre. The Venetian makes for a perfect backdrop, doesn't it? Although it feels a bit as if I'm promoting it. Disclaimer - this is not a sponsored post. Haha.

H&M sent me a few samples from their latest collections just in time that I had a few hours to spare in between juggling my workload. What better way to spend it than a proper dinner with Penguin and then just do what we both do best. This is also why I have a very bloated stomach in case you wonder. I just devoured a full plated Macanese meal before we took these photos because I haven't been eating proper dinner in the last few days so... it was a treat.

Anyway back to work again so I leave you with this set. Hope you're having an amazing weekend yet!

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Skirt and Jacket : H&M][Heels : Stradivarius][Clutch : MCM][Necklace : Topps Collection]


  1. So in love with that skirt's pattern! Gorgeous images.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  2. Wow, these photos look so cool!

    Have a great day,

  3. I really am loving the night photography looks you post! Penguin does a great job and you always have so much attitude in your photos - love it :D
    Haha, and no judgement girl, gotta treat yo self! ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
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    1. haha thanks, Linda dear! appreciate you for not judging hahaha... =) we all deserve a treat once in a while, right? haha


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