Old Skool

One of the things I love about Europe is that I get to dress up in so many different ways and not feel and look odd among the crowd. Long trench coat over a masculine-inspired outfit one day; sports luxe in another day. 

Like Amsterdam, swarming with people in streetwear attire; sporty meets edgy; feminine meets masculine, I don't feel overdressed nor do I feel the need to dress down a bit whenever people start saying "Oh hey you're all dressed up, where are you headed to?". Yes, I still get that in Macau. Now I'm beginning to think I'm living in the wrong side of the planet after experiencing what it feels like to dress up and not be looked upon by by-passers in a funny way. To  conclude, I like it here. No, I love it here!

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Jacket : Asos Men][Tee and shirt: Bershka][Skinny : H&M][Bag : Fila x Italian Heritage][Sneakers : Stan Smith x Adidas]


  1. Haha, time to move! I have a feeling I'd love it there too...now to travel and find out :D
    Love your outfit Carla! So much coolness with the jacket and studded backpack

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