Parks and Fences

Checking in with an outfit backlog from the beautiful park sides of the Mall in London, taken on our way to the Buckingham Palace. Don't be fooled by my half-bared legs - I took a bit of a beating as I underestimated the freezing cold of London's fall weather. All for the love of looking good. Anyway, I knew better to dress up with thicker layers the next day so don't fret, I was warm for the rest of our stay.

I'm having a hard time sorting out the visuals that I'd like to share with you guys because Penguin and I took lots and lots of photos whenever we went out to see the cities we visited these past weeks and it's not even over yet. If you follow me on Instagram (@misscarlaviolet), you're likely to have an idea. Besides the transferring and selection process being endless, we're always out exploring and don't have time to do organise the images at all which is why it's taking a while for me to share them with you. But I'll try my very best to get them up here in time so please bear with me. For now, I leave you with this set.

Cheers and talk to you soon!

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Tee : 3.3. Field Trip][Coat : Monki][Hat : H&M][Boots : Venilla Suite][Cluch : MCM]


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