The Inside Battle

I've been contemplating on whether or not what I'm doing with my professional life is all worth it. For the learning process. For the experience. I mean, it's always been about the experience. But let's get real, I may look young but I'm not. I'm getting older. Is this career path I chose all worthwhile losing time for, deviating from the things that I truly want and need to be doing? (If it's even a career path, it's so damn unclear). I chose it for one main reason and that's validating everything else that I do; making a legitimate career that somehow resonate with blogging and my degree as an event marketing graduate. Clearly that's not how it's panning out. For what it may be worth, I've grown so much in a very short period of time. But does running through all the bars of emotional spectrum necessary when I can grow steadily and healthily in other ways? I think it's time to re-evaluate my purpose. What am I really doing? Do I really need this? What do really want to be doing? What will make me happy?

So many questions but the answers are all a blur. Sigh.

That's me getting a bit personal.

Anyway, on an unrelated, less depressing note, how do you like my tough girl look? Isn't it fitting that I'm having a personal battle with myself on the inside and I'm dressed for it on the outside? Haha. I know, so lame. But no, these were taken a few Sundays ago when I had been thinking about the Yeezy season 1 and 2 collection. I remembered I actually have quite a lot of camouflage and army-inspired pieces like this tee, some parkas, cargos, etc. so I dug out a few from the bottom of my closet where most of the forgotten ones have been left, well, forgotten, to get me started on some K-West inspired looks. This being the easiest put together and pull off. Et voila.

Photos by Paulo Alfonso

[Tee : Vintage][Skinny and hat : H&M][Boots : Venilla Suite][Bag : Steve Madden][Necklace : Topps Collection]


  1. Nice look :)

  2. Cool top and necklace, and boots are just perfect :)

    Dare 2 Wear

  3. I feel that the struggle you are facing occurs with many people but I think if you continue to stay strong and not give up, you'll get through it and those are the people who become successful. There's always going to be a lot of bumps in the road unless you know a different path that's smooth. This tough girl look is perfect for what you're experiencing. You can do it! =)



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