East Side & Borough Market

...And we continue on with London. I have so much love for all the street art we encountered here, specially in Shoreditch in the eastern part of London. The neighbourhood is just so vibrant what with all the walls covered in colours and art.  Penguin and I spent a good few hours there just snapping photos because there was so much to see; every corner we turned is a different life form and it seemed endless. Simply amazing.

Then in the afternoon we went to the famous Borough Market where we were supposed to have proper lunch. But having too much to choose from, our curiosity got the best of us and our lunch ended up as food tasting; sampling all the things that looked scrumptious. But even then we still weren't able to try everything. There's just so many options from seafood to meats, cheeses and chocolates and everything in between, ugh. We could have stayed there all day long if we had more time. Sadly we didn't. Note to you guys, if you ever find yourselves in London, this place is something you can't miss!

Photos by Pierre Elma and yours truly


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