Je T'aime, Paris!

I don't know whether it's fitting or not that I start sharing my Paris travel diaries with you all at a time like this. It's been merely 3 weeks that I was there yet here I am seeing, reading, hearing all about the devastating tragedy that's happened. I am in deep shock of what inhuman things people are capable of doing, specially to a city that's always been a symbol of love; a city that I've only ever dreamed of living in; a city that's given me one of the best experiences of a lifetime. It's completely heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers goes out to all the victims and their families, and to everyone in Paris. You'll get through this.

As for all of us, let's all take a step further in helping the city of love in its time of need. Check out the French Red Cross and Secours Poulaire Francais for monetary donations, or if you're a local, you may donate blood at the French National Blood Service and Don Du Sang a Paris.

Be strong, Paris. The World is with you.

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Coat : Jack Wills][Boots : Forever 21][Skirt : Mango][Pull : Primark]


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