Coming back from tropical Manila made me miss the cold weather so much that I'm saying yes to the 1°C freezing situation here in Macau and yes to this all black layered ensemble. Never mind the showers and the gloom, Penguin and I still made it a point to go out and make the most out of our day off. We rarely spent our holidays together since our Europe trip so times like these, there are no excuses.

I'm starting to have this affinity for Korean streetstyle that I've started hunting down Korean clothing brands in Hong Kong. I like how a lot of their pieces are so unconventional yet minimal at the same time; oddly shaped yet can be so well put together in an outfit. I don't know, maybe it's another phase that I'm trying out. You know I've always been interested in streetstyle and a lot of the looks that stand out from my point of view take inspiration from Asian fashion, particularly Japanese and Korean; those boxy type of jackets, oversize long coats, cropped jeans, knits, and culottes; tailored pieces combined with sports luxe trends; I mean they have been pretty much in trend in Japan and Korea way before they were trends in the western runways. I guess I'm sort of experimenting with the roots; something old, something new.

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Coat : B + AB][Shirt : Jack Wills][Vest : Nava][Trousers : Bershka][Stockings : We love colors][Loafers : Zara][Bag : Steve Madden][Beanie : H&M]


  1. Why are you so cool. I think Korean streetstyle is amazing and inspiring as ever. You look too cool in this look, loving your coat, socks, everything!



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