All Shades of Beige

And the obsession with all things neutral continues. Perhaps a couple more tops and bottoms and I'd stop drooling over every single clothing article in beige, tan, nude, olive, whatever you call it, I see online. Zalora and Asos have me by the throat at this point. But don't fret, no need to send for help, I think my credit card can manage.

Also trying out adding more white accents to my outfits to keep them looking fresh. For this, a pair good ol' Adidas x Stan Smith sneakers and a white cap did the trick.

Hope you guys have a great weekend. Happy Year of the Monkey from where I live!

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Outfit : Forever 21][Sneakers: Adidas x Stan Smith]


  1. Great outfit, you look amazing! kisses


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