Pastel Frenzy

Two weeks back I thought Macau was transitioning to Spring but here I hear it's back to freeze zone. Gawd I miss that awful place. Work made me extend my stay here in Manila for another two weeks so forgive me if I become a little dramatic here, I was crushed on finding out because I had my mind set to going back this weekend and made lots of plans already. I was expecting to be able to go about my typical Saturday routine with Penguin, start a new workout program as I expected not to be travelling anytime soon at least for a month or so; I shopped so much online the past weeks and had them all delivered to Macau knowing that I'll be back next week just in time for their arrival, only to find out that I'm not?! 

I know two weeks will go by pretty quickly but the part that I don't like about it is not being prepared. I set myself up for some great expectations, you know? Trust me, not all surprises are good. Ugh.

Anyway, done and done. I still get the weekend off so might as well just find something interesting to do here. Any recommendations? Do tell.

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Blazer : Stradivarius][Sneakers : Axel Arigato][Bag : Furla][Skirt : Zalora][Top : Forever 21][Sunnies : Rubi]


  1. nice:) xx

  2. That top is so cute & this look is gorgeous. Love it :)

    xoxo Eva |

  3. Love the outfit, the colours all work together. 2 weeks would go by super fast, you won't even notice.
    Oh how do you get your pictures to look arranged like this?

    1. aw thanks dear. What do you mean with the pictures, the alignment? I have all my images preset to a certain width in my site's html. =)

  4. love the outfit! that color looks great on you!

  5. you look awesome in this, i love your style!

    danielle | avec danielle


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