You and what army?

There's a point in my stay in Manila when I would just wear this jacket every single day. It's true. It goes so well with almost anything that I wear and given that I'm always running here and there, it was my Adidas superstars' ultimate companion. They were perfect for each other. 

I haven't been documenting my outfits in Manila mainly because not only don't I have anyone to take proper photos of my here, I've also been so busy the past few months that I barely have time to even look at myself in the mirror. But it's gotten better since I left and came back. I've found my rhythm so finally, I can share with you bits of my life out here... in the upcoming posts of course.

In the meantime, here's something from back in Macau. Penguin and I accidentally outfit coordinated yet again. It's really something when you and your #bae start dressing alike without planning or talking about it. Though I guess he's slicker than I am, tsk tsk. And I'm the blogger, right?

Anyway, outta here to head to the pool for a night swim. Have an awesome week, ya'll!

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Jacket : Forever 21][Culottes : QME][Sneakers : Adidas][Tee : Bershka]


  1. Love your matching jackets! I am obsessed with my bomber jacket <3 xx

    1. ugh tell me about it, I'm obsessed with all my bomber jackets! haha

  2. Love your jacket.


  3. I need to get a bomber jacket this spring! I absolutely love the way they look and the way you styled these:-). U book look amazing! Have a great week:-)


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