Cappuccino and Green Tea

Serving you my favourite hot drinks in the form of a ladylike ensemble made edgy with my personal take on lace-ups and side-slits. Some days I prefer coffee and some days just plain tea. Much like how my mood affects the way I dress, sometimes veering towards feminine, or oftentimes street. Either one, I get caffeine. Either way, I follow my style mantra. It's all about maintaining the balance between not looking too girly nor thug. Always the key.

In other servings, how's the weather faring where you are? One can't avoid wondering when Macau's has been nothing but dreary as of late. I try not to let it get to me but I'll admit I'd rather have the temperatures high up if the sun's out instead of having it down low accompanied by humid, gloom, and rain. You know I prefer Sping next to Fall but come on Macau, just get to it if you will or stay perpetually Winter.

That being, here's to hoping the next few days will be much much better. And while I wait, more cappuccino and green tea please.

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top, Jacket, and heels : Forever 21][Skirt : Lash][Bag : Calvin Klein]


  1. Our weather has been crazy as usual--6 inches of snow on Friday, today's high is 72 and sunny, snow predicted again on Wednesday. I am a coffee lover through and through for sure! I love this mix of colors!

  2. Gotta love a sexy neutral outfit!! Love the skirt especially!

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  3. Flawless ! Khaki and nude, my favourite these days :) x

  4. Loving this outfit so much, chic and a tad of sexiness, loving the color palette so much!


  5. These photos are absolutely beautiful! Loving the color palette :) x Alona


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