Denim on Denim

Don't be fooled, I was half freezing when we took these photos. Somewhat ridiculously I didn't get the 11 degree memo. Or maybe I did but was too excited in being back home to even fathom how cold it could get when you're 22 stories up and standing in the open air. All I wanted was to layer myself up in oversize after oversize washed out denims due in part to my eagerness to wear these new vintage finds. And so I did. Granted, I never do learn from such repeat offence.

Fortunately, Penguin's was a mere few flights below where it was a whole lot warmer, and I could steal a jacket or two. Or in the case of the day's agenda consisting of staying in for a movie post outfit shoot, where I could hide under blankets all afternoon. But never mind.

On an unrelated note, hope ya'll have a great week ahead!

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Forever 21][Jacket and Trousers : Vintage][Sneakers : Vans][Sunnies : H&M]


  1. Love this look! Wish I could pull it off like you though ;)

    Xo Raina

  2. I loved washed out denims - my absolute favourite. You rock this look! I ADORE the collar on the jacket.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  3. i like this! :) denim on denim is always for the win!


  4. Love this amazing outfit, thank you for sharing, you look stunning!!!


  5. i love denim, great outfit.
    kisses from Italy.
    My new post:


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