Tropical Chill

Hey, hey! Checking in on my last day in tropical Manila. While I'm perfectly excited to be going back home, I hate to admit that I'm actually going to miss this dreary old place. I know, I know, such a contradicting statement to what I've been complaining about the past weeks. But hear me out for a moment.

I started working here semi-permanently in November last year and been in and out of the country since then. Lots of ups and downs, trauma, drama; a 360 roller-coaster ride if you will. For the most part I disliked being here, not because of Manila nor my surroundings per se. It's the whole work situation that I can't stand and my seemingly non-existent personal life (like major blogging and social-media butterfly problems). But Manila has grown on me. And if there's one thing that I do like being out here on my own is being able to have my own personal space. Literally my own apartment that I can do anything with.

The other day while I was packing away everything I had in my apartment that was for work, I realised I won't be coming for a while, which also meant that I have to give up the space. Then it dawned on me, this place has basically become my second home for the last 5 months. The idea of giving it away for someone else to live in felt a little weird and sad because I did have a couple of wonderful memories here; spending the last day of 2015 with my colleagues, still working all the way until 11:00, checking our phones every now and then making sure we didn't miss the coming of 2016; having Penguin over for the weekend as if the distance was only Macau and Taipa; the few nights with dear Chezka contemplating about life and blatantly complaining about work, I mean, I guess this place was my safe zone; a haven where I felt that no matter how crazy my life outside is, at the end of the day, I'll always have this little place of comfort.

So there, that explains why I'm impractically being dramatic here. But that's not saying I'll change my mind about going home. Nope. Not at all. Capiche?

Anyway, before I leave everything behind, I decided to a short video of a day in my life here. Not entirely how my day here goes on a regular basis except for the weekends, but I haven't been very busy the past few days compared to how crazy it was the previous months so I had a bit of time to spare. Hope you like it and hope you don't forget to subscribe, too!

See you next in Macau!

Photos by Kendall Arevalo

[Top : Bershka][Skirt : Topshop][Shoes : Christian Siriano x Payless][Turban : Forever 21][Clutch : Nessa][Sunnies : H&M]


  1. Work/life balance is so hard to manage--trust me I know. But on the plus side you get to travel to gorgeous places all the time! I can't remember the last time I was out of Colorado, USA (except to drive 2 hours to my Grandpa's house in Wyoming). I am loving this look on you! You are on point, as usual. Love the headband and the leopard print/chambray combo!

  2. Love the leopard print.


  3. Girl! You look so gosh darn cool!!

    Hope your having a lovely week.

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

  4. I love these dresses,and thanks for your sharing

  5. I love your ensemble! <3

  6. That mini skirt is everything! You look so chic!

    The Adored Life


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