Festival Ready

As ya'll know, festival season is upon us. And while there aren't any upcoming festivals close to where I live (save for Manila where there are festivals all year round), I like to play dress up and pretend that I'm headed to one, particularly to my favourite which I have never been to but one day will, Coachella. Having said that, if I were to go next weekend, this is what I would wear on one of those days prancing under the sun at the dessert valley. But since I'm not, I wore it to brunch in my usual Saturday routine with Penguin. Who says you can't be fancy for brunch, eh? Or should I say hippie.

Speaking of the 70s iconic look, what do you think of these pants? I personally love them and am considering to buy a pair in another colour (like what I did with the lace up skirts worn here and here). I know, I know, I tend to get obsessed like that with pieces lately. But well... perhaps in navy? Enlighten me.

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Trousers : Zalia][Sneakers : Topshop][Top : Lash][Hat : Forever 21]


  1. i love your outfit!
    your pants sooo stunning! suit on you;)

    dont forget to visit me back.


  2. wow so cool look

    follow mw on instagram https://www.instagram.com/marinaloykoblog/

  3. This is perfect for a music festival. The pants are great and very versatile. I can imagine them being worn in a lot of different ways.

  4. Love the outfit, dear! x



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