Girl in Transit

Kon'nichiwa from Tokyo! Checking in quickly with an outfit post, essentially what I wore to our flight here. As a style enthusiast, naturally I try to look as put together as possible no matter where I'm heading to. Flying is no exception, and since I have been travelling quite a lot recently, I think I have come to master the basic rules of dressing up for comfort without compromising style.

First things first, flat shoes. There's a ton of options from sneakers to ballet flats to chelsea boots. I usually go for running shoes or trusty slip-ons but this time around, I opted for creepers as they are a thing. 

Now, I'm a skirt kind of girl but when it comes to travelling, I almost always wear jeans because they are versatile. Skirts are cute and all but you always have to watch how you move about when wearing a skirt. I like how, in jeans, I can just run around, sit on the floor or however I want, without worrying of having any wardrobe malfunction to happen so... you get the point. 

Then of course, a thin jacket is mandatory because air-condition tends to get cold inside airports or planes so its' always better to be prepared. But of course the main reason why I prefer to always wear a jacket when travelling is because it adds instant coolness to a simple outfit specially if it has an odd shape or cute like this boxy denim piece. Otherwise I would usually also opt for a bomber jacket because bomber jackets will always be cool.

Anyhow, can't wait to share with you my Tokyo visual recaps so please do stay tuned! I'll also be doing a travel video and this time, I promise it will be a lot longer and more detailed that my previous ones so please also do subscribe to my youtube channel.

Have an awesome weekend!

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Tee : Ivy Park][Jacket : Vintage, Macau Vintage Market][Jeans : H&M][Creepers : Public Desire][Bag : Fila x Heritage Collection]


  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2016

    Your jacket is cool! And you look great for someone who is travelng (I would only wear pyjamas ahah). :)

  2. Love the denim jacket!



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