Strawberry Vanilla Sesame

Currently typing away in my laptop at the airport lounge as Penguin and I await our boarding time for our flight to Tokyo. That's right, we're going to Japan, baby! Cue in Craig David singing "What's your flava, tell me what's your flava?". I know, totally unrelated but  that's the first thing that popped my mind in thinking happy thoughts and upon looking at this outfit.

Is it just me or are my clothes starting to look more and more like my favourite mid-afternoon snacks if not my favourite hot drinks. Very strawberry, vanilla, and black sesame gelato, no? That's how you end up looking like when you take 2016's pantone colour trend very seriously.

Jokes aside though, I like how fashion is taking a lighter note this season with mostly calming colours like mauve, taupe, grey, and lighter shades of pinks. It doesn't make much of a difference to a lot of people and even to me, they're all just dusty pastels. But since they're muted that way, it doesn't feel like you're wearing too much colours even if you combine them all together; still minimal.

On another note, let's talk travel. As you know, Japan is one of the best shopping destinations in the world where one can find the craziest, most ridiculous items so for that alone, we have decided to visit the country's busiest city - Tokyo. I'm so excited to see what's in store for us. I don't know what to expect so I can't wait to share with you guys what discoveries Penguin and I will have.

Join me on instagram (@misscarlaviolet) to get the latest updates and of course do check back here for visual recaps. See you in Tokyo!

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Jacket : Inner Circle][Skirt : Lash][Sneakers : Axel Arigato]


  1. I love this look, the colours look so good! Enjoy Tokyo, my dream to go xx

  2. Love this look! The pink and gray combo is so beautiful!
    xo, Jane

  3. Enjoy Tokyo! And yes - your look is very snackable like neapolitan ice cream, which is awesome! Love ice cream and I love that skirt!

    xx Yasmin

  4. The skirt has such an amazing colour!
    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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  5. You look great! Such a lovely summery outfit! I love the title of this post as well :)

  6. Pink and grey look so good together. You look fabulous! Cute skirt.

  7. lol I used to name my outfits a type of snack too! I'm also going to Japan in September :) Have an amazing time there!


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