Got Your Attention

Making my way down town feeling everybody's eyes are on me in this Got My Attention Midi Dress from Tobi. Truth be told, I did get a few stares. But having been blogging for ages, I'm way past feeling bothered nor apologetic for what I'm wearing. Hey, I do me, you do you, cool?  Cool.

As Margaret Zhang so lightly put it, there's no need for any occasion nor reason to dress up. If you want to, go for it. And so on a typical Saturday, this is what I had on just to head out to lunch with Penguin. Post meal, we headed back to his crib to post-process leftover clips from our recent Tokyo trip which will be up on the youtube channel. But let's talk about that in another post and get back on with the dress.

Like the other two items that I received from Tobi here and here, I can't stress enough how well-fitting and well-made they are. I'm not saying this because the items were a gift from Tobi, not at all. I'm very much pro-honest opinions when it comes to brand collaborations and I have often turned down offers that I thought were ridiculous such as a brand asking me to do specific things in exchange for an item. Here, there were no expectations to be had.

If you've trailed this blog long enough, you'd know that I'm not into any type of clothing that is body-hugging because I'm not skinny and I don't feel confident in walking around with unwanted bulges allover. But lately I've opened myself up to possibilities, and because I'm on track with my workout, thought I might as well measure my progress by trying on clothes that I wouldn't dare to wear before.

Tobi had the perfect selection of key sexy pieces that I wanted to wear but never had the guts to. But what with my newfound confidence after a few successful tries in shopping for key sexy items from Lash at Zalora, I figured why not? And so I curated the pieces that caught my eyes from Tobi and three weeks later, here they are.

My point is, I didn't think the items I got would look good on me as they did on the models because I got them in the same size as what they were wearing. But when I tried them on, I was extremely delighted to see that the clothes complimented my body regardless of how disproportionate I think my body is. This dress was divine. It's a little too neat for a casual day out but I just had too, in my own street inspired version of course. No further explanation necessary.

That being, do check out more selection from Tobi. Meanwhile, I'll continue strutting my stuff. Have a great weekend!

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Dress : Tobi][Jacket : We Go][Sneakers : Stan Smith x Adidas][Sunnies : Romwe][Bag : Nessa]


  1. You definitely nailed the outfit! Love everything here! You don't need to have that model bod to sport an outfit perfectly. For as long as you know yourself well, keep doing it. <3



  3. This outfit is so fierce!! You totally got my attention!


  4. love this look..


  5. you look great! I absolutely love your hairstyle in these photo's!

  6. You have such awesome photos! I love the styling you did here, I could never pull this outfit !
    The sunglasses are very cool! ;)

  7. beautiful casual look

  8. YES girl, you do you! And keep killing it -I love your street style sense and how you rocked this dress <3

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  9. I do me, you do these lines. You look so cool!

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