Normcore in Tokyo + Something personal

Checking in with an outfit backlog from Tokyo taken the day before our last in the city. We had originally planned on visiting Disneyland but decided to skip and head to Tokyo Dome city instead. But more about that later when the rest of my travel visuals and videos are done. That's right, I have more stories to share with you guys so stay tuned.

In the meantime, let's talk about this outfit. Totally vibing the 90's outcast fashion in these oversize denim trousers and pink boxy-but-not-so-boxy bomber jacket. Accessorised with my Shanghai Tang sunglasses that's trusted and proven to add that cool effect to any outfit. It was a warm day out, at least compared to when we arrived, and I wanted to wear something light in color in contrast to what I've been wearing the previous days hence baby pink and light washed denim. Coincidentally, Penguin and I were matching outfits that day but for some reason, we forgot to take a photo of us together, or at least a mirror selfie so I got no proof. But let's wait until the video is done.

I've been wearing these creepers a lot lately and I had people mistake them for the Rihanna x Puma ones. I wish they were but ya'll know that those are very difficult to cop. Puma released the 3 latest colorways a few days ago and I thought I was gunna be able to cop a pair when I had successfully added the white pair to my cart from an online retailer. Sadly, they didn't ship to Macau. Why I have to live in such an isolated, tiny city that is not recognised in most parts of the world will always be a little disappointing. Sigh. I guess the shoes are just not for me... not yet. I'm still on the hunt.

Anyhow, on a totally unrelated note, I have a new video up on the youtube channel. It's a little different than my usual travel diaries or outfit videos because this is something more personal. You might be surprised at how different I can be when I'm with my closest and dearest friends whom I'm very comfortable being with. I don't usually share a lot about my friends so I hope you find this interesting. Please don't forget to like and subscribe!

P.S. We talked in Tagalog a lot in the video so to my Filipino readers, I'm sure you'll find this laughable. 

[Top : Forever 21][Jeans : Vintage, Macau Vintage Market][Shoes : Public Desire][Sunnies : Shanhai Tang][Bag : Steve Madden]

Photos by Pierre Elma
Video by Yours Truly


  1. This is such a pretty and fun look! Loe those oversized jeans and the pink jacket :)


  2. Great:) xx

  3. This outfit looks perfect for Tokyo. And you and your friends are so cute. =)

    Melanie | The Mel Division

  4. Very chill and very comfy I love the look you look so cute and the color look nice on you xoxo

  5. Heck yes! I wish I can rock a style something like this, but I don't think I have the fit for it. Love this.

    house of akih


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