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We have just arrived back in MO-town and I'm a little under the weather. For the most part, because this means back to work and reality again. But realistically speaking, I got a little sick in Tokyo because of the weather. For the rest of our stay, it was really hot during the day and then it would turn freezing cold at night. I guess my body wasn't able to adjust to the constant change in climate hence the cough and cold I'm experiencing right now. But not complaining, I still had the best time in Tokyo.

Here's what I wore on a stroll around Ginza on our third day. I like how they close the roads on most shopping areas such as this on weekends so that people can walk around freely. I was too in awe that I was prancing around the highway as we walked to explore the gigantic stores along the sidewalks. Talk about a fun shopping experience. That's pretty much what we did most of the time, besides eat.

Penguin and I spent a good few hours in this area, particularly in GU. He was so into the really affordable but quality basics that the store had to offer and couldn't decide whether to buy just a few pieces or one piece from every design. But that's just being him. I, myself, got two pairs of culottes because culottes are pretty much what everybody wears in Tokyo. All the more reason for me to buy them and wear them here.

I will be doing a haul of the stuff that I bought in Tokyo on my youtube channel so please stay tuned over there and subscribe. In the meantime, I leave you with this set. More visual recaps to come!

Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Lash][Culottes : Zalora][Jacket : Macau Vintage Market][Boots : Kurt Geiger][Bag : Steve Madden][Cap : Newhattan]


  1. Love your street style.



  2. Nice Inspirations

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  3. Great photo, You're standing on the street and a lot of people around you, cool.


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