Queen Bee in Stussy

This 'fit's color combo is giving me total queen bee feels. Get it? A little bright and festive colours to get in the mood with our American friends. Happy 4th of July to you lovelies out there! I usually dedicate a post for this day back when I was obsessed with American flag printed anything. That geeky phase of mine is over. But don't get me wrong, I still love reds, whites, and blues, and seeing all the festivities happening through the people I follow via instagram.

As for me, 4th of July is all about sulking in the office just like any other Mondays. I have a ton of paperwork to do but I'm feeling a little under the weather. It's my fault, I guess. I spent way too much time on the internet last night, browsing the sales of Asos and Zalora, contemplating on whether I should splurge on some new wardrobe staples for the season, stayed up really late that I barely slept. In the end, I didn't even get to buy anything. Practicality got the better of me and I decided to wait until I really need, which is like never, but surely I'll find a better excuse then. Like that time I bought this skirt in three different colours just because. Wanna see the others? I wore them here and here.

Back to this bee-inspired outfit, unexpected pairings sometimes make up for cool looks, don't you think? Case in point, an oversize tee which is actually from the men's section of Stussy, a really feminine bodycon skirt, and not your typical high-cut sneakers. It's the perfect combination of street and chic, comfort and stylish - just the way I like my 'fits.

This is essentially what I wore on another typical Saturday spent with Penguin. This time around, we explored the old streets of Macau around San Malo area, discovered a new froyo place, and window-shopped at what is now becoming a sneaker street in MO-town. All good.

Anyhow, hope you had an amazing weekend. And again, to our American friends, have lots of fun on your long weekend!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Tee : Stussy][Skirt : Lash][Sneakers : Nike Lab][Sunnies : Shanghai Tang][Bag : Nessa]


  1. I love it.. the black and yellow colours are so perfect together, gorgeous gal! I always love to make new blogger friends by the way, let me know if you would like to follow each other and stay in touch! x


  2. So gorgeous!!


  3. You look gorgeous & love the yellow top


  4. Slit skirt look so perfect on you..Great blog you have, stay inspired!



    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  5. Omg! I really your outfit here, you look so chic! yay! :)

    April of: https://beybiapril.wordpress.com/
    Instagram: @aprilnunezzz

  6. Pretty cool! Great styling!


  7. I love stussy! And the way you've styled the tee is so cool b. Love the pink trainers too babe and your chocker is lovely ive been obsessed with them recently !xo


  8. If only bees looked this badass. Everything about this outfit from head-to-toe (and even the background) is on point. Beyond on point, honestly.


  9. Oh my, this outfit is just adorable! The skirt is too pretty and I also love your shirt!

    Have a great week,

  10. Oh, I know these nights in front of the computer so well ... hopefully you had the next nights more sleep. But your look with the Stussy shirt is perfect!
    xx Rena

  11. always rad and cool, girl!

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  12. Your style is so amazing! I love this look; the bright yellow of the shirt suits you so well!


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