The Last of Tokyo

Well this has taken a while, eh? Here's the last installation from my Tokyo travel series which you'll find the rest here. Alas, Penguin and I haven't gotten around to sorting out the clips from our last day for my last Tokyo travel vlog. Hopefully though, it will be up in my youtube channel in no time.

Back to Tokyo, this beautiful chaotic place.

Our last day was just about the most relaxed day we had in the city. It was the warmest too. Feeling the sun on our skin as we explored Omotesando was a good relief after experiencing rain and really cold winds the previous days. The holiday crowds had started to disperse too so we were able to walk around more freely; shops and stalls had shorter queues, at which point we decided to finally queue up for the ridiculously popular Luke's Lobster. Mind you though, it was worth the wait. The only thing that disappointed me a little was that I expected the lobster to be served hot and not cold. But it was still delicious.

By afternoon, we were down to our last shopping stroll, making sure that we got to visit the stores that we missed out on the first few days (because yes, considering how big and how many shopping districts there are in Tokyo, you will definitely not have enough time to visit all the stores in them).

And then at night, of course one last walk across the Shibuya crossing and just taking everything all in before we headed back to our hotel. The night ended pretty perfectly; as we walked around Shibuya for one last stroll, it was suddenly livelier than ever. There more street performers than when we arrived; more theatricals and fanfares happening in every corner that made it kinda hard for us to say goodbye.

Before I came to the city, I didn't know what to expect. My knowledge of Japan can be summed up to sushi, ramen, robots, and gizmos. After this trip, I realised there's more to it than that. I'm not the kind of person who prefers to live in a fast-paced city which is why I was always more drawn to Europe. But at one point I during this trip I told Penguin that Tokyo is an exception and the way everything is so orderly no matter how fast-paced, I think I can live there.

Tokyo got a piece of our hearts and that will always remain there. 

Hope you enjoy my stories and visuals captured perfectly by Penguin and some of course by yours truly. 

Here's to more travel and adventures with you guys!



  1. I really really REALLY love this look! It seems so simple but so chic!

  2. Your fashion and travel visuals mixed together are always my favorite <3
    Love this little snapshot into Tokyo - another place on my bucketlist of places to visit!

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  3. completely rad!!! love the entire look!

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  4. super:) xx

  5. Love these photos, that food looks so yummy!!
    I also love your booties, super cute

    xx, Lavishingg

  6. I´ve always wanted to go to Tokyo and after seeing this i might book a flight over there right now! Lovely outfit and pictures!

    Have a gorgeous day, xx

    My Vogue Style |

  7. What a beautiful ics for a stunning city.
    Great look perfectly in tune with the background
    I love your style and your blog.
    Visit mine if you want.


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