Colours of Summer

Unless it's a crop top, all I wanna do with every other piece of top I own when I wear them is to tie a knot in front or at the back to make them as breathable as can be under this unbearable summer heat. In this case, I didn't tie, rather, I took a keychain ring from one of my keychain collections (yes, I'm one of those geeks who buy keychains in every city that I travel to) and used it to cinch the front of this top. Et voila, an all new looking top.

Come to think of it, this is actually the first time I'm wearing this top on a style post. I was always concerned that I won't be able to do it justice if I wore it as is since it looks a lot cooler in real life that in photos (tried and tested). But I guess this look made the cut.

What do you think, babes - did it?

Again, I have to say I still get surprised every time Penguin and I discover cute little alleys hidden within the small towns and villages of Taipa and Coloane. This time around, we continued the path from where we left off since our last tourist play date. My outfit was just perfect. The whole scenario just looks like I'm on vacation somewhere in Southern Europe even if in fact I am way far off.

But speaking of vacations, I almost always forget that I'm going to travel again this month. Yay! This time, I won't be with my dear Penguin, which is kinda feels weird since I am so used to him being my travel partner. But still, I'm pretty stoked. Wanna know where to? Here it is --- I'm going to Taipei, Taiwan!

It'll be really quick tho', more of a getaway than an actual trip or vacation. But to me, anywhere that's not here is a place to see and explore. And so be it!
Any tips on what to see or do in Taipei??? Let me know down below.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Missguided][Jeans : H&M][Hat : Stradivarius][Bag : Forever 21][Sunnies : Sunnies Studios][Shoes : Zara]


  1. That's such a creative idea! It looks awesome that way :)

  2. Haha I feel you completely with just waiting to tie up all your shirts so you get some breathing room for your skin. And I've seen this look before on other people on the streets and it just never seemed to work. BUT for some reason you'll killing that front knot. Maybe it's just your overall natural swag. ;)


  3. It definitely made the cut, the alley is so perfect. Love your entire look.


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