Shadows and Spots

There's something so cool about empty courts that the first thing that comes to Penguin's and my mind when we see one is to take photos, day or night. At daytime, this would have been a perfect background for a retro-inspired style post and I would have taken every opportunity to have made that happen if the courts weren't always being used. Alas, this part of our neighbourhood is always packed with people day or night; kids playing on the playground, the basketball court, the soccer field. 

But on this particular night, the courts were surprisingly as empty as our stomachs craved for ramen. I met up with Penguin to satisfy our dinner cravings, and just as I would expect he would do on a clear-weathered night, he would have his camera on hand as we walked to our favourite ramen joint, looking for possible subjects to shoot.

A bowl of Japanese goodness later, tastebuds satisfied, we were ready to head back to my place. What do we see but this empty soccer court with lights gleaming down on its entirety. What else is there to do but take photos, right?

Now these photos would have just been a part of Penguin's project, shooting portraits and landscapes in dark settings, and I didn't initially think about having them up here. But I really like how all the photos turned out and so I decided otherwise. More importantly, I wanted to express how extremely proud I am for how far Penguin has come since his first days of owning a Nikon DSLR (which I still have with me by the way), not exactly knowing that it would lead him to purse a career in multimedia production, to this point that he's honed his personal craft, humbly if I might add. The streets, the city, people in fashion, people out of fashion; these are some of his favourite subjects, and every time I see the final products posted on his instagram, I'm always in awe. I can be biased of course, but then again you'll have to see his work for yourself as I shamelessly plug it out here.

And he's still improving each and everyday.

Go check out his visuals on instagram (@pvnguin).


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Tee : Forever 21][Cap : Adidas][Sneakers : G by Guess][Jeans : H&M]


  1. your photography is wonderful! love this sporty look! :)

    Metallic Paws

  2. So right, these photos are so cool. Love the look too!


  3. You look so rad, love the outfit.x

  4. You third photo is too damn cool! LOVE IT!

    House of Akih

  5. Love the lights in the pictures. Perfect posts.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!


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