Everything is Gold

When you time in the golden hour perfectly by this gold backdrop in an outfit that blends so well with it, you take a photo. No, not just one, but lots of photos.

As is the case on this particular Saturday afternoon when Penguin and I had just finished racking up the sales. I was supposed to head to a wedding banquet thereafter though I wasn't in the mood for a proper dress, hence the soft hues and a more presentable but laid-back look. I wanted to wear something versatile so that I could start the day by brunching with Penguin and go on ahead with the rest of the day as per usual, then head straight to the banquet without having to go back home for an outfit change. I'm lazy that way so yes, don't judge. Thanks to Lightinthebox, this pretty top got me covered because it's easily wearable for a casual day out or to a dressier event with it's unique cut and color.

We took to Galaxy for a shopping fix as Penguin was itching to pick up a few items from the sales at H&M. I was merely tagging along to window-shop but of course, it's unlikely that I won't pick up a thing or two for myself. And yes, I did.

After that, we did teatime. We've been meaning to try this new French Cafe (I totally forgot the name) at Marriott, so this time we did. Penguin isn't really big on sweets but knowing that I'm a sucker for French pastries, plus I've been telling him non-stop how I miss our time in Paris, he ditched the salty stuff and got us sweet pastries. 

Post teatime, we made our way to his place when we he spotted this big golden peacock-inspired door (or gate, rather). He was pretty insistent that I take my outfit photos here because I totally blended with it. And well, he was right. The backdrop tied my outfit together and I just love how the photos turned out, totally made my day.

Oh, but actually I never made it to the banquet. Last minute, I had a change of mind. So much for the outfit coordination. Ha!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Lightinthebox][Trousers : GU][Sunnies : Forever 21][Bag : Zalora][Brogues : Zara]


  1. awesome look!
    i loved how your outfit looks
    and that background is superb.

    ❤ keyti

  2. love this look


  3. You are most welcome Carla :) And yes, those sneakers are something. Very cool.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  4. Wow girl that backdrop though, is amazing. I love those trousers too. Would love to see how you dress them up.
    Princess Audu

  5. Oh I love these photos; the backdrop complements your look beautifully. That top, those trousers! Everything.


  6. The outfit is gorgeous, I love that top.


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