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I feel like I've been away too long from the blogger backend because I just realised it has a whole new look. No wonder I've been having problems with getting into my posts' editing tool lately. Hopefully this whole blogger update will be over soon. Give me my dashboard back!

Anyway, that's not a very nice way to greet you all so here's a proper hello from me to you. How has the week been faring for you? As for me, I was having a very peaceful week at work until today, gosh. Why couldn't it have been straight up pleasant until the weekend, right? But anyway, so used to it now it can't get any more bothersome. The only thing that's troubling me right now is what to wear for for the rest of the week now that it suddenly turned winter. Hello, old friend! Macau really knows how to welcome you in the most unexpected ways, always taking us by surprise. Not complaining though, your coldness is always welcome presence.

Luckily though, just before Macau turned completely Elsa on us, I was able to wear something a little transitional outfit that's really, actually, more appropriate for spring than fall. But considering how Macau's fall really is, this is considerably fitting.

This jacket was a cute vintage find. I immediately knew to buy it as soon as I got my hands on it at my local favourite vintage store. It resembles the Stussy jacket that I bought in Tokyo, but in a more quirky and worn-out colour, precisely what I like about it. It's the classic vintage boxy cut that I like and which is what most contemporary streetwear brands go for. But it's also very feminine.

For this outfit, I went for a modern-mod look; a 60s style skirt, this jacket, and of course my personal twist to it is a classic streetwear tee in the form of Gosha Rubchinskiy.

What do you think, hit or miss? Let me know in the comments. Enjoy the rest of the week and talk to you again this weekend!

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Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Gosha Rubchinskiy][Skirt and bag : Zalora][Jacket : Vintage Market Macau][Sunnies : Forever 21]


  1. That's a gorgeous outfit! I really love the combination of all the colours. And I actually like the new Blogger layout, I think it's simpler. It took a while for me to get used to it and I'm still not fully into it but I think time will make me love it more.

    Marta -

  2. I love everything about this look. You look incredible.

  3. Haha oh man, I know, when I saw the updated look I was like "WHAT? WHAT IS HAPPENING??"
    Anyway, loving the outfit Carla, that skirt is to die for!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
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  4. Yessss to this streetwear look on you!! I adore the grey t-shirt against the mustard-coloured skirt, and those shoes are so hot and yet look totally comfortable :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x


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